Intellectual Property Law

Posted on September 21, 2016March 25, 2019Posted in Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is the part of law that deals with protecting people who create original works. This includes everything from scripts to books to inventions, to new services at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy. This way, people will be encouraged to create their own inventions and creative pieces, because they know that it’s protected and therefore nobody else can steal it and claim it as their own. Studies show that people are more likely to produce new things and therefore create new jobs and boost the economy when they know that their work is being protected by the law. There are three ways that people can have their work protected by the law.

The first is by copyrights, which protect expressive arts. This means that the original owners can publicly display, perform, and reproduce their work and can do so to financially benefit themselves. They are also legally allowed to prohibit others from doing the same without their permission. While copyrights do not express the idea that someone has, it does protect the expressiveness of it.

U.S Patent and Trademark OfficeA patent is the next thing that protects a person’s original work. A patent protect an invention from being copied and having that copy reproduced for a certain amount of time. To ensure that your invention is patented, you have to apply and then have it approved by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, and the process for doing so will take a lot of time. You also can’t make any silly mistakes and have to follow the right paperwork the right way. This may sound like a complicated process, but it’s absolutely necessary to protect your patent.

The third and final thing that can protect your work from infringement is trademarks. Trademarks protect the names and marks of companies and businesses. This makes it easy for people to tell apart competitors from one another, including competitors that sell the same types of products or services, or competitors who have very similar names or logos.

As you can tell, there are very strict laws in place to ensure that intellectual property rights are fully protected. In the event that you believe your property rights have been violated, you should hire an intellectual property attorney who can help you sue for any money that you’ve lost as a result. If you win, the individual or organization that violated your rights will have to compensate you for your financial losses.